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How to Make Food Fast: Chicken Sausage and Brussels Sprouts

How do you really feel about brussels sprouts?  If you have memories of soggy, sulfur-laced faded blobs, think again.  Shredded sprouts make a bright, hearty base for savory meal in this simple stir-fry. What makes this a fast meal: cooking time can be as little as 10...

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Product Review: Coconut Collaborative Lemon Ganache Paradise Pot

I was browsing through the Igrocery store, thinking about some easy things to eat after surgery, and these Lemon Ganache Paradise Pots popped out.  Would they be worth buying again? What do I think? In short, yes. I'm putting them back on the grocery list while on...

Five Low FODMAPs Breakfast Ideas

Most people eat higher FODMAPs foods at breakfast-- and plenty of people eat the same breakfast day after day.  Here are some ideas for quick meals to help you get out your rut and help you succeed at a low FODMAPs trial. Enjoy! Make this breakfast... Banana-Walnut...

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Book Review: Landwhale by Jes Baker

When did you last read a memoir that simultaneously made you want to laugh and cry?  Jes Baker wrote the page-turner Landwhale in which she: opens up her soul to disclose fears ranging from amusement park rides to relationships, reveals the multi-generational process...

How to Succeed at Weight Loss

Is it possible? Certainly, for some people, but far more people struggle with weight loss than who trot through their goals adding gold stars to their weight charts. In fact, I tend to discourage clients from "dieting" as frequent dieters tend to gain weight over time...

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