I write books to help solve your problems.  Need more ideas for eating for one? Check out a copy of One Bowl.  Tired of your usual recipes? Add a little flair with some of the fabulous ethnic and produce recipes in Meals from the Farm. 

One Bowl: Simple Healthy Recipes for One

Not sure how to manage eating on your own? Try new recipes and learn some tricks to make cooking for one a pleasure.

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Meals from the Farm

Bored of the usual?  Try some new recipes collected by the staff and residents of ReVision Urban Farm. Your palate will thank you as you pair authentic Caribbean recipes with fresh salads.

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Custom Work

Publications to Order

Need some educational material for your clients?  Don’t have enough time to create your own?

I offer recipe development, handouts creation, and booklets development.  Whether you are looking for a feature recipe or a new resource for your team, let’s talk about what you need and how I can make it easy for you.

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