Want to Feel Better?Balanced Nutrition Can Help.

Because eating should be easy for you. 

Want to Feel Better?Balanced Nutrition Can Help.

Because eating should be easy for you. 

Nutrition Counseling

Digestive Health

If you have GI symptoms, I can help you use nutrition to feel better.  From GERD and gallbladder disease to IBD and eosinophilic esophagitis, nutrition choices can improve your quality of life.

Everyday Health

Step up your game. I can help you find a missing key to feeling better today– or thinking ahead. Because you deserve to feel like you aren’t just doing it, but you are doing it well.


Learn what you need in an affordable, interactive setting.  Topics range from GERD to brain health to picky eating. Click the Learn More button to see upcoming workshops.

“Stephanie is a poised and articulate teacher who is able to present information to students of different backgrounds.”


“Finding out what it was that was causing all my problems was a game-changer.  I haven’t felt this great in years– as long as I avoid the foods that were causing my problems, I don’t have the diarrhea, bloating, and swelling I used to have.  My joints are even feeling better.”



Health through Balance

You can’t be your best if you don’t feel well.  Stephanie entered nutrition because she loves food.  She came to recognize the impact of what we eat on how we feel after some health issues, at which point she became interested in dietetics.  Her philosophy is to work with clients to find what works for them: examining how they feel rather than focusing on calories or portions.


Binghamton and Endicott, New York

All services are by appointment only.  Limited evening, weekend, and home visits are available. On-site visits available for corporate and institutional clients within 90 miles of Binghamton, New York (including Elmira, Oneonta, Cortland, Syracuse, and Ithaca.)

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