Let’s Make Eating Easy

Get the help you need to make food simple –that way you can get back more important things.

Intensive Program

Get the support you need to keep you accountable. Two in-person sessions and two phone/web chats per month keep you motivated (6 months). Bonus: three fun sessions to inspire you.

27 sessions

New Client

Bring in your nutrition concern.  Let’s talk about what you need to feel better.

Expect education and counseling– keeping you motivated while you learn the skills to apply the info on your own.

Three sessions

Initial Consultation

Discuss your concerns.  Review your health history, your nutrition history, medication/supplements, any lab tests, and what brings you into my office.  Leave with concrete goals to help you feel better.

One session

Flexible Nutrition Counseling Options

Packages and Specials

Rates & Sessions

Intensive Program

(must be completed in six months)

One 55-minute

Twelve 25-minute

Three interactive


New Client Package

One 55-minute

Two 25-minute


Initial Consultation

55-90 minutes

$109 – $140

Home visit surcharge (where available)



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Take a Step Toward Feeling Better

Stephanie Bostic, PhD, RD

Phone: 304-377-9357

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Can Nutrition Help You Feel Better?

Can Nutrition Help You Feel Better?




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