Let’s Make Eating Easy

Imagine this: You feel great. You’ve been eating well and no longer worry about how you’ll feel later.

If that’s your dream, not your reality, let’s make it your reality.

Not sure how to get there? You’re not alone. I can help you filter the cacophony of information about food and nutrition, to learn listen to your body.  Let’s make food easy –that way you can get back more important things.

Intensive Program

Get the support you need to keep you accountable. Two in-person sessions and two phone/web chats per month keep you motivated (6 months). Bonus: three fun sessions to inspire you.

27 sessions

New Client

Bring in your nutrition concern.  Let’s talk about what you need to feel better.

Expect education and counseling– keeping you motivated while you learn the skills to apply the info on your own.

Four sessions

Monthly Membership

For existing clients– continue your progress with two in-person sessions and two phone or web chats per month.

Four sessions

Sports Nutrition

Time to take your workout up a level?  Get nutrition strategies that support your performance.

Leave with strategies that improve your recovery times and enhance training.

Three sessions

Affordable Options

Packages and Specials


Intensive Program

(must be completed in six months)

1 x 55 minutes

23 x 25 minutes

3 group/interactive

New Client Package
1 x 55 minutes

3 x 25 minutes

Sports Nutrition
3 x 30 minutes
Monthly Membership
4 x 25 minutes (2 web/phone + 2 in-person)
Home visit surcharge (where available)
*waived for ages >75 or if ADA accessibility required.


New Client Package        $149

Sports Nutrition               $90

Refer to WebDeals! Prices valid for cash or check.

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Balance: Food and Nutrition

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