I started Balance: Food and Nutrition to meet your needs: flexible, personalized nutrition care.  My experiences working with patients with digestive health concerns showed me how much people benefit from an ongoing interaction based on a counseling model focused on a broad view of health. These packages make it affordable to join in. 


Your thoughts are key to your success.  Learn to find the solutions for your life.  Get the information you need, develop new habits, and stay motivated.


For interested clients, evidence-based functional and integrative nutrition is incorporated to give you extra tools to help you succeed.


Not weight. Here, we don’t focus on the number.  Focus on the feeling of a recovery from a workout or decreasing diarrhea.

Affordable & Accessible

Evening, Weekend, and Home Visits

You’re busy.  You can’t take another day off work…

Balance: Food and Nutrition is here for you.  After 5 pm or on a Saturday.  A limited number of home visits are available within the Greater Binghamton area each month.


Stephanie Bostic, PhD RD

I entered nutrition because I loved food.  I still do, don’t worry– no deprivation! That’s my favorite gluten-free pizza crust, to the left.  Even on a gluten-free diet for celiac disease, there is still pizza.

Before becoming a Registered Dietitian, I was a researcher.  I use my PhD in nutrition to follow the most recent research that can help you while remembering the practicalities of daily life.  I listened to people’s stories and problems– so I know strategies that can help you.


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Write or call. I’m here to answer your questions.

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