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Affordable Meal Support

2022-2023 Meal Support Options


Remote Meal Support – Individual

Get support when it just seems too hard– or you need a break.

By appointment only


Remote Meal Support– Dyad

Get support when it seem hard– but with a little more community.  Dyads availability may vary.

By appointment only



F2F Meal Support — Individual

One-on-one in-person meal support to help you or your loved one manage tasks they are struggling to accomplish. Locations vary, as needed.  Example: home, restaurant, school, university, ice cream stand. 

By appointment only


May include meal preparation, grocery shopping support, or eating time.  Available in New York: Binghamton, Vestal, Endwell, Endicott, and Johnson City.

F2F Meal Support — Dyad

Meal support with community.  Locations include either a local restaurant, park, or school. Availability may vary.

By appointment only

$40/hr (travel time may be charged)

Greater Binghamton, New York area


Stephanie has been treating disordered eating and eating disorders, including F2F and remote meal/snack support, for three years. She uses a variety of techniques, ranging from basic distractions and games to grounding and emotional co-regulation.

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