Because Prevention is Key

Developing diabetes is not fate– you can stop or reverse the progression of prediabetes!  Experienced Registered Dietitian Stephanie Bostic, PhD, RD is now offering the CDC’s Prevent T2 Curriculum.

Prevent T2 is a proven Diabetes Prevention Program curriculum: people who complete the class reduce their risk of developing diabetes in the next five years by more than 50% (on average).  They lose 5-7% of their weight.  Best of all, they develop sustainable habits that help them stay healthier in the long term.  Join us- so you can live the life you want.

[Stephanie’s] work was extremely thorough, especially in the way [she] provided very specific foods as practical alternatives… [she] helped me succeed.


What’s involved:

1) Weekly group classes for two months.
2) Classes every other week for four months.
3) Monthly classes for six months.
4) Secure messaging support. That means you can ask questions between classes.
5) A secure GetHealthie account for tracking your progress and bonus web appointments.


Support Community

It’s not just about losing weight. It’s also about getting support from a community of health-oriented people who understand your struggles.

Why Meet & Walk?

Healthy lifestyles combine nutrition, physical activity, and stress reduction.  One benefit of our Prevent T2 program is adding a little extra movement before or after class.

Experienced Nutritionist

Stephanie Bostic, PhD RD has been working in nutrition for 12 years.  She works with individuals and groups to help them achieve their health goals.

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