Because Prevention is Key

Developing diabetes during pregnancy can be scary, and you can take action.  Experienced Registered Dietitian Stephanie Bostic, PhD, RD is now offering an online course for people who have diabetes during pregnancy or who are at risk of diabetes during pregnancy.

Our goal is to support you in developing the skills and strategies that keep you healthy– for you and for your family.   Because people who had high blood sugar during pregnancy are at risk of developing type two diabetes, we’re offering a short program to help you keep your risk low.  Join us from the comfort of your own home.

[Stephanie’s] work was extremely thorough, especially in the way [she] provided very specific foods as practical alternatives… [she] helped me succeed.


What’s involved:

1) An online course

2) Support chats with your classmates

3) Q & A with us.

We want you to succeed: be there for the people you love and yourself.  Jump in for your future.


Support Community

It’s not just about weight. It’s also about getting support from a community of health-oriented people who understand your struggles.

Why Meet & Move?

Healthy lifestyles combine nutrition, physical activity, and stress reduction.  One benefit of program is developing goals around movement.

Experienced Nutritionist

Stephanie Bostic, PhD RD has been working in nutrition for 12 years.  She works with individuals and groups to help them achieve their health goals.

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