Nuts & Nibbles

Food Safety Nerd-ism 

You know you are a food safety nerd when… you find yourself excited about a widget! For your website! This one posts recalls, issued by food companies who did something bad. The something bad might be anything. Today, some examples include an unlabeled allergen: oyster sauce in edamame. Very bad for anyone allergic to oysters– everyone else can eat them as long as they have no ethical or religious objection to oysters. There often also known issues with physical (objects), chemical (cleaning products, for example, or machine oil) or biological (microbes) contaminants. If you have foods that might be contaminated with physical, chemical, or biological contaminants, don’t eat them. Return them to the store.

Weight Loss Success

Is it possible? Certainly, for some people, but far more people struggle with weight loss than who trot through their goals adding gold stars to their weight charts. The article Why Diets Fail by a colleague from my PhD program at Cornell explains a few reasons why humans beings who live around other humans beings see their pants sizes stay the same… even when they are working hard. Kevin Klatt writes:

[Courtney Plush, R.D.,] explained some of the unique pitfalls of the “diet mentality.” She tells SELF that on one hand, weight loss diets work (in theory) because if you create a set of rules that reduce calorie intake, you will likely lose weight while you follow those rules. But (in practice), diets tend not to work because most people embark on caloric restriction for a set period of time. Once the diet “ends,” they’re likely to regain the weight. Diets frequently fail because “…they have an endpoint and are not real lifestyle change,” Plush says.

What to do when you are facing all these barriers? Great question. This is where working with people can help. Set reasonable goals. Change your routines. Change your habits (more about this in the next post!). And get people on your side. Registered Dietitian Nutritionists can help support you in developing a plan for your efforts.