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Eosinophilic esophagitis is uncomfortable: from the chest tightness and difficulty swallowing to the stomach pain and fatigue. Figuring out what is safe to eat can be overwhelming.  Experienced Registered Dietitian Stephanie Bostic, PhD, RD is here to provide expert guidance with the six food elimination diet.

[Stephanie’s] work was extremely thorough, especially in the way [she] provided very specific foods as practical alternatives… [she] helped me succeed.


Get knowledgeable support through a two month program with biweekly web or phone sessions. The EoE Elimination Diet Package includes:

1) Personalized chart and bloodwork reviews with meal and supplement recommendations during your first appointment (60 minutes).
2) Three 30-minute counseling appointments to help you find ways to enjoy eating, safely and comfortably. That means you know how to stay on the diet.
3) Personalized safe snack lists to keep you from feeling stranded and hungry.
4) Secure messaging support. That means you can ask questions between appointments.
5) A secure GetHealthie account to book appointments and pay online.

Am I Eating Enough?

Ensure you are getting enough essential nutrients.  Safe supplements may be recommended if required. Diet evaluations ensure you are getting the essential nutrients you need.

Six Food Elimination Diet

Stephanie has experience coaching clients through the SFED combined with IgE food allergies. 

She can help you figure it out– from breakfast to holidays.

Experienced Nutritionist

Stephanie Bostic, PhD RD has been working in nutrition for 12 years.  Her practice is 50-75% gastrointestinal conditions. She pursues EoE-related continuing education.

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Can Nutrition Help You Feel Better?

Can Nutrition Help You Feel Better?




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