Dog Training

Whether you are looking for support with a sensitive senior or a bouncing puppy, I can help.  All services during COVID19 are individual, outdoors, or via Zoom.

[Stephanie’s] very good with my [senior] dog. He’s looking better in just a couple of weeks.

Stephanie Bostic currently offers:

1) Walk and train.

2) Puppy socialization.

3) Canine fitness.

4) Life skills dog training  & common problem-solving.

Specific groups are planned for warmer months.  Call 607-214-2191 for availability, rates, and scheduling.

Puppies & Teens?

 Absolutely.  Teaching younger puppy basic skills makes adolescence easier.  From sit and “enough barking” to kennel up and recalls, game-based dog training works well for all ages.

Walk and Train

Get more from your dog’s outings: both exercise and skills.  If you’re working on loose lead walking or polite manners with strangers, this dog training approach could work for you.  Because you’re busy.

Experienced Trainer

Stephanie Bostic has been training dogs and assisting in training for about 10 years.  She expects to complete two certifications related to general dog training and canine fitness in 2021-2022.

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