In this free course, we will be discussing diabetes during pregnancy. Expect to learn about glucose regulation and develop skills and strategies for maintaining your metabolic health.  Key topics we’ll cover include:

  • Understanding Gestational Diabetes, now and in your future: you will gain a solid understanding of GD in terms of their situation now and in the future.  You will learn about risk factors, including the ones that you can change, and how those changes can help you.  
  • Think Food: You will learn some approaches to taking control of diabetes using food choices. Options Models include using the plate model, carbohydrate counting, and a modified Mediterranean Diet.  Finally, you’ll work on creating goals designed to help you make progress toward the goals that you pick for yourself.
  • Movement and You: Let’s dance!  Or walk, or twist, or lift.  This unit is about ways to find movement in your life, to support your body.  We’ll keep working on those goal development skills to help you work toward your healthy life.
  • Stress and Blood Sugar: Did you know that stress really changes blood sugar levels?  From experiences of prejudice to illness to lack of sleep, different types of stress can make it harder to manage blood glucose.  This unit will provide support for you as you develop plans for coping strategies.
  • Thinking About Your Future: While diabetes during pregnancy goes away birth (usually), it can lead to some long-term health effects.  This unit works with you to understand the healthcare needs you (may) have.  We also review long-term goals– what are they?  What are your reasons for selecting those goals? What do you need to succeed in reaching those goals?
  • Let’s Chat: Maintaining momentum can be hard, especially when big changes happen (even happy changes!).  In this last unit, we check in about developing resilience so you return to healthy habits.  Finally, we focus on using joy–joy is a powerful emotion that can help us reach our goals.

Course Instructors:

Stephanie Bostic, PhD RD believes that each person has the skill to build their own health.  Sometimes, they need a little help or some technical information to reach their goals.  Making that info meaningful and available is her reason for entering nutrition.  She enjoys working with individual clients, groups, and students.

Nya Sandeford is passionate about women’s health, especially the health of black and brown women.  She has worked on projects in New York City, Ghana, and California.  

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