I was browsing through the Igrocery store, thinking about some easy things to eat after surgery, and these Lemon Ganache Paradise Pots popped out.  Would they be worth buying again?

What do I think?

In short, yes. I’m putting them back on the grocery list while on crutches. The dessert cups from the UK-based Coconut Collaborative are quite small, a little larger than a Keurig cup.  There are some advantages to the small portion.

  • an easy snack if your appetite is poor
  • a great size for a small sweet after a more substantial meal
  • perfect for topping fruit and/or cake for a more substantial “composed” dessert
  • good lunchbox treat (but should be refrigerated, so icepack/cooler recommended)
  • just 100 calories per cup.

The flavor and textures are lovely.  The texture is rich and creamy, without being cloying.  The lemon is nicely sharp, balanced with just enough sweetness.  There are hints of coconut without having it being overwhelming (so, if you hate coconut, don’t bother, but you don’t have to be coconut fanatic to enjoy these).  What is it similar to?  They are midway between a mousse and a pots de crème– a lighter, silkier pots de crème.

I had one tossed over warmed fresh blueberries and a little cottage cheese and it was a perfect contrast to the fruit– I could see serving these little ganache beside a slice of fruit pies for a fancy touch.

Special Diets

Thinking about special diets, they are gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan.  However, they contain inulin so they may not be tolerated by someone who is following a low FODMAPs diet or may need to be incorporated in the overall plan for the meal or day.  For a dessert, they are relatively low sugar (around half a carbohydrate exchange) which is related to the size. They do contain corn and some gums.

Availability of Lemon Ganache Paradise Pots

Currently, they are available through a few large retailers, including Fresh Direct, Wegman’s, and Morton Williams.

Full disclosure: I buy products I review.  However, links may be Amazon affiliate links.

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