Health matters. That might be my take-home from 2020, except income matters too. So this fall, I will be making my sliding scale options even better with more affordable nutrition care.

Sliding Scale Medical Nutrition Therapy

Nobody should avoid care because they can’t afford it. So, for everyone who wants it, new client appointments will be available at $20 each. Follow-up appointments will be available at $10 each.

What’s the catch?

It’s only available via telehealth or phone. And my (supervised) intern will be involved in some way, whether listening, writing up the chart note, or even talking during your appointment. This is a trial program available until November 8, so jump in if you are interested. (In-person appointments are still available at my usual sliding scale prices.)

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Nutrition Counseling: Why it Should Be Accessible

Because it’s not just about knowledge. You probably know that drinking sugar-sweetened beverages is not so great for your teeth. Some of the people reading this probably do it anyway. (I just had some cocoa.) Changing behavior patterns, like eating and exercising, involves addressing underling habits, thoughts, and emotions. It may also involve problem-solving: how do you eat under the circumstances that challenge you?

For this to work, you need more than a handout. You need a skill set, which takes time to develop and practice. A counseling approach gives you that time to find the skills you need, try them, and then develop them. Over time, they support new habits and routines.

Providing affordable nutrition counseling means you are more likely to fully develop the skills you need. So that you can succeed.

Get Started. Make Progress with Affordable Nutrition Counseling. Feel Better.

Medical nutrition therapy helps with a wide range of conditions. Here are a few:
Kidney Stones
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Food Allergies
Celiac Disease
Eosinophilic Esophagitis
Food Sensitivities

And then there are conditions that increase your risk of developing the others:
High Blood Pressure
Heart Disease/Stroke
High Cholesterol
Fatty Liver
These metabolic disturbances are all helped with nutrition therapy!

Finally, there are conditions that we can slow or prevent with medical nutrition therapy.
Eye Health
Cognitive Decline

Still not sure? Give me a call to check in about whether affordable nutrition counseling can help at 607-214-2191.

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