Make (the adults) happy with these stocking stuffers this year! Your creativity will be noted, and even the pickiest family member will adore a Wire-cutter approved pepper grinder.

Stocking stuffers for the foodie

  • Mini-bottles of flavored olive oil.  One of my recent favorites was this company’s Persian lime but interesting combinations abound; a cilantro onion flavor once made cooking anything Mexican-flavored a cinch.
  • Blooming tea flowers.  Each blossom provides a moment of meditation, a warm flavorful cup of tea, and a beautiful design on the bottom of your cup.
  • Penzy’s spices.  (Swap in the local favorite, if needed.)  Try an ounce of dried lemon zest or a more complex mix, like pico fruita.
  • Uncommon nut or seed butters.  Try pumpkin seed butter or black tahini.
  • Fancy tinned fish.  My favorite brands are Cole’s and Wild PlanetCole’s Smoked Trout is particularly good. *For potent fish lovers only.

Stocking stuffers for the difficult to please

  • Very nice chocolate.  Truffles from Lake Champlain, Burdick’s, or Recchiuti are likely to please chocolate-lovers.
  • Seasoned nuts.  Simple classics may be your friend– like the honey roasted peanut.
  • A new pepper mill— not just for peppercorns!  Include a packet of coriander as one option other than black pepper.
  • A fish spatula.  Used for more than fish, this thin and flexible spatula is good for flipped roasted vegetables, oversized omelets, and, of course, fish.
  • Spare batteries for that one item that always takes the odd battery.  Perhaps it’s a CR2025, CR2032, or just the weird battery for the smoke alarm.

Stocking stuffers for the adventurous

  • Crickets.  Perhaps made into Chirps Cricket Chips.
  • Chardonnay Wine Flour.  Made from the grape must, it’s a lovely way to reduce food waste while also inserting a little extra flavor and some nutrients.
  • Aleppo Pepper.  These lovely peppers haven’t become trendy, but they have a nice citrus kick as well as your classic hot pepper flavor (on the milder side).
  • New types of pasta.  Lentil pasta may be passe (if delicious), but how about edamame spaghetti?
  • Uncommon chocolate flavors.  Vosges offers a nice little variety of pack of beautiful bars with the usual (salted almond, anyone?) and less common (coconut ash?).

Happy stocking stuffing!

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Disclosure: Amazon links are Amazon affiliate links.  I have tried most of the products on this list– but not all.  The pepper mill, for example, is on my shopping list. Don’t tell the recipient!

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